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  • Double-roller Wire Drawing Machine
    Double-roller Wire Drawing Machine

    Products are free of exhaust gas energy-saving plastic wire-drawing machine drying is characterized in the barrel is equipped with vent and cylinder is connected to at least two sections above. Its fi

  • Spool Wire-rewinding Machine
    Spool Wire-rewinding Machine

    Low speed range, simple structure, easy to maintain, easy to control, so it is widely used on wire-rewinding machine. Its mechanical property is relatively soft, when the load is increased, the output

  • Chain-type Wire Drawing Machine
    Chain-type Wire Drawing Machine

    This machine is suitable for various specifications of the used weight bars, first by pointing machine rolling her head round, rolled round 200mm, through the wire into Clip mouth (head), plus a good

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Jiaxing Hongjing Non-woven fabrics Co.,Ltd located in Jiaxing City, near from Shanghai ...
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   BRD Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is a significant company mainly producing heavy-duty mining machinery with a combination of scientific research, production and sales and a history of 20-odds years since it found.

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